• Quality of care
    WE EMPHASIZE Quality of care
  • On optimal  client-centered outcomes
    WE FOCUS On optimal client-centered outcomes
  • Evidence-based practices
    WE UTILIZE Evidence-based practices
  • Culturally and linguistically competent
    WE ARE Culturally and linguistically competent
  • trauma-informed care with trained staff
    WE PROVIDE trauma-informed care with trained staff

Pacific Behavioral health

Pacific Behavioral Health is dedicated to making a difference in our community; ensuring all clients have access to professional community based services, proven treatment methods, and comprehensive service planning.  PBH’s vision is to integrate behavioral health, mental health and medical health support to provide comprehensive care.  Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to health increases efficacy, motivation, and success in health care management.



Services include:

Clinical Services (for all ages)

Licensed Clinicians provide clinical services. These include Assessments, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Substance Abuse Therapy, Crisis Stabilization.
For the most part, services are provided where the client is. Services are provided in home, in office as well as via Teletherapy.

School-Based Services (Elementary, Middle and High Schools)

Licensed Clinicians provide services for clients in the schools in Rural Nevada. This is done through agreements with the specific schools. Services include Assessments, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy. The ability to provide services in the school enables clients to be stabilized in the school environment, not need to be transported for therapy, miss less class
time, and be seen more consistently. When needed, all services are provided via Teletherapy.

IOP for Transitional Aged Youth/Adults (Ages 14-24 years)

Intensive Outpatient Program is a short-term program designed to bridge the gap between traditional outpatient and inpatient levels of behavioral healthcare. Program addresses challenges associated with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, psychiatric and co-occurring disorders. This treatment model works on filling deficits in emotional regulation and decision making, communication skills, social skills, transitional living skills, self-esteem and confidence, goal setting and self-sufficiency, distress tolerance and conflict resolution. Focus is on developing and enhancing independent, community living skills; improved functioning in work, home and social relationships; helping clients lead healthy and fulfilling lives. The program also offers youth support while they become stable in their independence. IOP is provided in office as well as in a virtual format.


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We accept the following Medicaid types: Fee for Service, Silver Summit, HPN; BCBS, and Prominence.

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(We currently accept the following Medicaid types: Fee for Service, Silver Summit, HPN; BCBS, and Prominence.)

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