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Pacific Behavioral Health

Pacific Behavioral Health is dedicated to making a difference in our community; ensuring all clients have access to professional community based services, proven treatment methods, and comprehensive service planning.  PBH’s vision is to integrate behavioral health, mental health and medical health support to provide comprehensive care.  Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to health increases efficacy, motivation, and success in health care management.

Services include: Clinical Services (for all ages), School-Based Services (Elementary, Middle and High Schools), and IOP for Transitional Aged Youth/Adults (Ages 14-24 years). Services are provided in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Rural Nevada (Fallon, Fernley, Hawthorne, Silver Springs, Dayton, Minden, Yerington, Elko, Winnemucca, Lovelock and Gardnerville).

PBH’s therapeutic services are individualized and adjusted to the level of functioning of the client.  Services will:

  • Emphasize quality of care and optimal client-centered outcomes,
  •  Utilize evidence-based practices,
  •  Be culturally and linguistically competent,
  • Provide trauma-informed care with trained staff.

A primary focus for PBH is to provide clinical and behavioral health services in Rural Nevada areas.  Services are provided in the environment determined most effective for the client.  Service evaluation is done every 30 days, with a full outcome evaluation done every 90 days integrating input from all identified stakeholders.  All services are provided under direct Clinical Supervision.  The mission for the agency is to deliver the highest quality, client-centered care that results in improved outcomes, reduced relapses, and lower costs.


Background History for Pacific Behavioral Health

Mala Wheatley MFT founded Pacific Behavioral Health in September of 2015. Mala has 20 plus years of clinical experience working in Reno, Sparks, and Rural Nevada. The mission for the agency is to deliver the highest quality, client centered care that results in improved outcomes, reduced relapses, and lower costs. A primary focus for the agency is to provide accessible services for clients all through Rural Nevada.